Apley Woods



Conservation preservation and education
To preserve and develop the woods in a way that will be a benefit to the community and encourage their involvement. To provide environmental education and an understanding of nature through local schools taking part in Forest School. Encouragment of healthy activities via the Primary Care Trust and the local Hospice.

Why the community needs this charity
Children need 'hands on experience' when learning about the natural environment This is gained at Forest School. People with disabilities and learning difficuties require a stimulating but safe environment. Pathways have been created To facilitate easy access. The community in general need a green space for recreation and to promote a sense of freedom. The theraputic value of the woods is appreciated by the local hospital and hospice. We maintain and monitor the evironment to suit all needs.

Results and outcomes
The educational and recreational use of the Woods by local schools is increasing. We offer employment, helping with maintance and planting, to Adult Learning Services for their various groups.The attendance at community events we stage is growing, also the number of events by outside organisations. The ongoing recording of flora and fauna shows an increase in both number and species.Patients from the local hospital and hospice now use the Woods on a regular basis.


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