Apley Woods



Friends of Apley Woods and Telford and Wrekin Council have worked together to gain Local Nature Reserve status for the woods.

With its wide range of habitats within the 56 acre site, Apley is home to many species. There is a large population of grey squirrels, which are a mixed blessing, as well as rabbits, badgers and the occasional fox. Moles are also common and you may witness the fruits of their digging as you explore the site.

The open grassland and glades in the woods are good habitats for species such as the bank vole. Likely to be found in hedge bottoms and areas with a bit more cover are the wood mice, yellow-neck mice and shrews. A good population of rodents usually results in predators to keep nature's balance and evening visitors may be rewarded with a sight or sound of the Tawny Owl and the less common Barn Owl.

Over six species of bats have been recorded here including Pipistrelle, Daubenton's and Noctule bats. Particularly important to them is the mixture of woodland, meadows and open water. Noctule bats roost in the old trees and bat boxes have been put up to encourage summer roosting.

This is also a good site for many of the common dragonfly, damselfly and butterfly species.


Bank VoleBank Vole


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